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As soon as Anna Wilding heard about the amazing properties of bee venom she knew she wanted to try her hand at creating a product herself.

Anna has an extensive and award winning background in film and television and also owns her own film company, Carpe Diem Films. Having little experience in manufacturing didn’t stop this Kiwi, who ‘seized the day’ and got stuck in creating a bee venom product and skincare brand. In April this year, Kalon Skincare and ‘Anna’s Pocket Bee Venom Beauty Mask’ was launched and went #1 on Amazon.

Though Anna live a transient life thank to her acting career, it was her home province of Canterbury that she looked to manufacture her product. A South Island skincare range,of international luxury standard, was her vision and she stuck to it, Anna is proud to say that Kalon skincare is 100% manufactured in Canterbury, employing Canterbury people. “I saw no reason why skincare couldn’t be considered as good as the skincare from South of France or elsewhere, if made and marketed with care,” says Wilding.

The NZ-made aspect is also an important one and vital to the integrity of the brand that she has created. “I have fabulous raw ingredient in bee venom. And I honestly believe bee venom from the wild pastures of our South Island to be the purest in the world. My bees roam free,” says Wilding. On the contrary

Anna has discovered in her research that a lot of overseas bee venom originates from factories and, while some products claim to use venom, it’s in fact honey with a small amount of venom.

Anna has had selling success overseas, distributing her product to the US and Australia. Not surprisingly, there have been some learning curves as well; distributing into NZ pharmacies can be difficult with a smaller brand. At times, she has found herself frustrated by products which make ‘NZ made’ claims, though she believes they are manufactured overseas.

Believing in her product spurs her on, as does the selling success from online sites such as Amazon (names Hottest #1 new product on Amazon, as listed as Top 10 moisturizers in the world alongside Lancome and Loreal). “I also get a buzz when someone writes in who has had problem skin and it has helped their skin. So, it is a new way of contributing to the world, and also it balances my other professional creative interests well.

Working on films may not be the world away it seems from launching a new product. Much like putting together a documentary or feature film, creating a new business takes a lot of research, knowledge of your audience…and of course lots of drive


In her brand vision, Anna was clear about what she wanted to achieve:

  • Simple, lightweight & no fuss product…..for people on the go
  • Organic and/or all natural but with longer shelf-life
  • All natural active ingredients that actually work
  • Socially conscious: free roaming bees, in a process that supported their eco-system and involved absolutely no harm to the bees.
  • NZ made & manufactured in Canterbury


They call it Nature’s Botox and it’s reportedly part of Kate Middleton’s beauty regime. Yes, bee venom has swarmed the beauty world with its promise of turning back their over-turning clock.

So how does this work? When applied to the skin, bee venom encourages the body to react as if it has been lightly stung, and increases blood flow and cell renewal to the area of application. Most importantly, it gives the effect of plumping out the wrinkles and rejuvenating the skin.

Article from Buy NZ Made Magazine © December 2012/2013