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Kalon Skincare Vitality Cream Mask and Lotion


Kalon – the beauty within.  Kalon Skincare is the brand that created and bought the original bee venom cream mask and moisturizer to the international marketplace in 2012. Kalon continues to research and bring you and create the best in natural skincare. All in our specially designed, lightweight and easy to carry eco packaging. We were the 1 Hottest New Beauty Product Amazon USA April 2012 and in the Top 100 Fastest Selling Beauty Products Amazon USA 2012.  October 2017 brings our new advanced formula to market, this Black Box Special. Made with the highest grade Manuka Honey UMF15+, rare botanicals such as Mamaku botanicals, and pure New Zealand certified bee venom.  Packed with beneficial enzymes, peptides, antioxidants. Did you know that bee venom is approximately 8 times the value of gold? So yes, expensive but worth it.

Manuka Honey  is also rare and can only be sourced from New Zealand. It is so good for you, like bee venom, it flies off the shelves worldwide, in spite of it’s high price tag. Kalon ensures no bees are harmed, unlike the many imitators who use bee venom from factories overseas or else just the residual bee venom found in honey.  Kalon has no artificial fragrance – so that we don’t contaminate our natural ingredients. In fact we have a clean fresh unique eucalyptus like smell that wears off after a minute.The smell of success for women and men. To learn more scroll below and go to our About page. Shop our store at the SHOP page.

Buy the best, feel your best, think your best, look the best.  Enjoy your beauty within and wear it on the outside! Kalon Skincare- for you. APPLY code SUN on this website shop page for discount.



“I starting using this cream about three weeks ago. My blemishes, scales and fine lines have disappeared. I love it!”

Erin Hunt Brinker,Radio Host, CA,USA.

“the most refreshing and best new skincare on the market. Kalon is highly unqiue. I love Kalon.”

Kylie Bax, former model

“I was a total skeptic about this product – but to my amazement this has been the most beautiful cream I have ever used. The results have been outstanding – right from the first application. I want to thank you for such a wonderful indulgent product. I love Kalon.”

Annie, Australia

Everoyne comments how great my skin looks.My skin feels great. Ive travelled the world and nothing works like this cream mask as both a daily mosituriser and as a mask.I love it.”

Anna Wilding Actress

Enhance your inner beauty. Kalon Skincare Vitality Cream Mask and Moisturizer Your secret weapon for women and men. Anti – aging environmental defense cream for the delicate epidermis. Nourish your skin, rehydrate and, over time , smooth out wrinkles and fine lines. For refreshingly natural healthy looking skin.Give your skin an instant lift and radiance.

Kalon Skincare Vitality Cream Mask and Moisturizer  Named Hottest New #1 Moisturizer by Amazon. This is the new advanced formula. We are the original pure New Zealand bee venom cream and Manuka Honey UMF 15+, and Mamuka Fern- the Koru frond of the black tree fern,  that Maoris have been using for generations to restore new growth and replenish moisture.We also added Vitamin C to brighten your skin and give added benefits.

Kalon Skincare is an all natural eco-certified, eco packaged,  anti-aging cream that stimulates your skin, refreshes, rehydrate and smoothes out fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes. It helps with acne and heals nicks from shaving in as little as 36 – 48 hours.

Give your skin instant lift and radiance.The bee venom stimulates the collagen and plumps up your skin.No bees are harmed in the collection of our pure New Zealand bee venom. Pure New Zealand bee venom is expensive, and at a  price of over $304 per gram, it is more than 8 times the value of gold. Bee venom outside NZ is much lower in price as it is unmatched in quality , coming from factories whereas we use New Zealand bees in the wild that feed on delicate fauna such as Manuka and Mountain wildflowers.

Use for two weeks daily as a moisturizer and then 3-4 times a week as cream mask or daily lotion.

Bee Venom is discovered to be nature’s most powerful answer to the reduction of fine lines & wrinkles, cell regeneration, collagen formation, renewal of damaged skin cells, and the elimination & prevention of acne. Bee Venom has the ability to work within the epidermis and dermal levels of the skin to deeply nourish. Our bee venom has 21 naturally occurring components such as peptides, amino acids, replenishing proteins, and key enzymes. Using daily bee venom will rejuvenate the appearance of your skin. It will appearsmooth, glowing, and radiant.Youthful.

We combine our bee venom with powerful and expensive Manuka Honey UMF15+ and the rich rare botanical Mamaku Fern( the bright lushly green Black Tree Fern).The Manuka honey bush grows only in New Zealand. It contains more anti oxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties than regular honey.It is a rich powerful healing agent as is the botanical Black Tree fern that we have introduced to our product for the first time. It provides an additional layer of restorative and cleansing enzymes to tighten and tone skin.

All natural with a 2 year shelf life, our exclusive Kalon Skincare luxury formula has  a successful refreshing clean smell reminiscent of eucalyptus. This smell evaporates after  1 minute leaving a very, almost indiscernible mild delicate scent of orange blossom.

Our cream is silky smooth, more so than any other bee venom cream out there, softens your skin instantly and feels wonderful.

You may feel some tingling or tightening and this is literally the ingredients working.This will depend on our delicate your skin is. You will see positive changes to your skin either instantly or up to two weeks. Once your skin has been balanced you can reduce using daily to 3-4 times a week if you wish to maintain your skin.

One pottle lasts 6 weeks to 3 months on average and our regular clients also use it on problem areas such elbows, nails, hands , and legs as well as their face. Enjoy and become part of Team Kalon

New Zealand bee venom is nature’s ingredient. Our bee venom is gathered, without harm to the bees, from bees who habitat the green pastures and flowers of wild New Zealand. Bee venom is used by many celebrities however most products,even some of those made in NZ do not use NZ bee venom, or pure bee venom. We combine our bee venom with the known healing product of manuka honey.Bee venom is proven to boost collagen and give skin its youthful elasticity.

Bee venom gently stimulates the facial muscles which tighten, decreasing the appearance of wrinkles. No bees are harmed or injured in the collecting of bee venom. To learn more please the pages on our site.
Here is a recent media story about bee venom.


KALON SKINCARE is bringing advanced skincare and some of natures best sourced active ingredients to women on the move worldwide.


Keep Hydrated. Water is best. Stay away from soft drinks and artificial sugar based drinks. Eat a variety of vegetables especially dark green such as broccoli or silverbeet Eat low fat and non oily foods.. Eat whole grain breads.


Vitamins and minerals are an important part of our lives.Certain vitamins are known to be beneficial for the Skin. Vitamin E is a proven natural healer which Kalon Skincare contains. Vitamin C is useful to take orally in tablet form.Take between 250mg-500mg per day if possible in winter months and if you are not getting enough fruit.

Vitamin B biotin is responsible for forming the basis of skin, hair and nail cells. Vitamin A – found in many fruits and vegetables ,in particular raw carrots maintains and repairs skin tissue.

If you have skin conditions like acne, rosacea, eczema or psoriasis, eating certain foods such as milk chocolate ,spicy foods, or consuming alcohol could trigger or aggravate symptoms.If you have skin conditions it is worth studying your diet closely to find out what foods work in best with each other .Perhaps excluding certain items such as spicy foods,makes a beneficial difference . Acupuncture may also work for skin conditions