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“I was a total skeptic about this product – but to my amazement this has been the most beautiful cream I have ever used. The results have been outstanding – right from the first application. I want to thank you for such a wonderful indulgent product.”

Annie, Canberra, Australia

Kalon Skincare Bee Venom products are  made with pure New Zealand, ecologically sourced bee venom.  The original bee venom cream mask. It was one of the first three products to do so and one of the few products to do so. Some products claim to be Made in NZ or made with NZ bee venom and are not. We are made using pure raw bee venom, not the small amount of residual bee venom found naturally in honey nor do we use bees raised and farmed in factories overseas . Our bees fly wild and free over the mountains, rivers and hills of New Zealand.
Some bee venom is sold from factory beehive sites abroad.Our bee venom hives are clean hives and the bees roam free throughout the wild. Our product is worth it’s weight in gold.